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Aquent delivered the Flash expertise that an IT provider needed to develop an application enabling countries to track key performance indicators and thereby help drive economic development.


A multinational IT provider, specializing in conceiving and implementing solutions for emerging nations, needed to design a high-level interactive application for one of its clients. This application would enable the leaders of this client nation to gather and evaluate key performance indicators in a number of areas including health, education, infrastructure, and energy. The leaders would evaluate this data in order to make decisions that will impact the entire nation. The provider approached Aquent to find a Flash development expert who, with access to a budget of more than $3.5 million, could successfully create an intricate, scalable touch-screen application.

Aquent Solution

Aquent quickly provided a highly-skilled Flash developer with more than 12 years of experience. The developer created an auto-configurable framework for a dynamic, state-of-the-art virtual command center for the country’s president and prime minister to monitor important economic activity. While difficult to build, the Web application is easy to use because it incorporates user-friendly navigation, click-through screens, drag-and-drop icons, interactive country maps to help users drill down to different levels of information, and three large monitors to display critical data. The developer programmed the software so that information can be configured in a variety of ways and be limited to specific screens.


The client was pleased with Aquent’s ability to deliver top-notch talent on very short notice and impressed by the developer’s skills and level of professionalism. In just a few months, the Flash expert became an integral member of the client’s interactive design team. He performed above and beyond the scope of his project responsibilities and delivered a comprehensive and complex technology that provided vital information to end users. Because the application is skinnable and easily adaptable, the client has found that it could be modified for future technology solutions for other countries and institutions.


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