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Employer Demand For Digital Specialists Remains High

Employer Demand For Digital Specialists Remains High

AUSTRALIA – The high demand for skilled digital specialists across the country continues, according to a survey conducted by Aquent, the leading global staffing firm specialising in marketing, communications and creative talent.

The Aquent Orange Book 2008-2009, a salary survey and industry monitor of key Asia Pacific and European markets has revealed high staff turnover and short lengths of employment in Australian digital sectors, a likely result of increased demand.

“With revenue growth slowing, and in some cases, shrinking, CEOs across the globe are looking for measurable ROI - digital provides a far greater ability to measure the return on marketing dollars spent,” said Aquent International CEO, Greg Savage.

“Ironically, the transfer of marketing spend to digital is exacerbated by the tougher economic climate, because for most companies its cheaper or more cost effective to spend on digital than it is on print, TV or outdoor advertising.

“Advertisers are moving to digital, and the agencies are enjoying a greater slice of the action, which in turn, is driving digital staff demand.”

Critical levels of staff turnover were recorded for certain sectors, including 20 percent and higher in Brisbane’s digital agencies (63 percent), and corporate digital departments (40 percent) in Melbourne.

The average length of service also indicated buoyant staff mobility, with up to two years as the norm for 56 to 72 percent of Sydney’s digital staff in corporate, creative and account management roles.

“These high rates of employee churn have an obvious raw cost to the business, but at a deeper level, they will harm the competitiveness of many agencies at a time where securing market share is increasingly critical,” said Savage.

“With revenues tightening, employers cannot solve this issue by throwing money at the problem.

“Many owners and managers in the digital sector will need to revisit what they are doing to attract and retain staff.”

About Aquent

Aquent is the leading global staffing firm specialising in helping companies find marketing, communications and creative talent. With 70 offices in 17 countries, they have an unmatched network of professionals that enables them to deliver the right solution for any client need and provide exceptional career opportunities for their talent.

Today Aquent has over 11,000 professionals working at over 3,000 companies. Over the course of its history, Aquent has made over half a million matches of professionals to our clients on an individual, team or through an onsite or offsite managed service basis. The company’s Asia-Pacific headquarters are in Sydney. In Australia, the company has offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

About the Aquent Orange Book

Now in its fourth year, The Aquent Orange Book is an industry reference document on salaries and hiring trends published in two editions – Asia Pacific and Europe. Internationally, the Aquent Orange Book covers the following categories, among others: marketing, market research, creative, design, digital, advertising, MICE, publishing, editorial, media, PR and communications, and is targeted towards senior managers.

The survey provides salary information, detailed statistics on staff turnover, retention strategies, talent sourcing strategies, salary increase percentages and forecasts on permanent and contract hiring trends.

For more information on the Aquent Orange Book, please contact Carolyn Hyams, Asia Pacific Marketing Strategy Manager on +61 2 8288 8288 or


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