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Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace... Why Do I Have To Sit Next To Him?

Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace... Why Do I Have To Sit Next To Him?

Emotional Intelligence (E.I. or E.Q. as it is sometimes referred to) is an awareness of how you speak with others, how you manage your emotions, what your body language is saying and overall, how you are communicating with those around you and with yourself. In some industry sectors and in some countries this is considered as important as a person’s I.Q.

When you look at the behaviours of people you work with, there are those who come in every day with a positive, energised outlook for the day ahead. They say “good morning” to everyone, they are emotionally stable throughout the day and everyone enjoys working with that person because they know where they stand with them. This person would have an awareness of their emotional intelligence.

The opposite to that is the individual who blows hot and cold. One morning they will say “hello” when they come into the office and another morning they bring a rainstorm over their head when they walk in. They cannot manage their stress levels, their temper or themselves. In turn, they manage their relationships with other people equally as badly.

Does anyone really enjoy working with this type of person? Does this person give off a really good vibe? A great energy? Are people drawn to them because they have that “certain something”?

If you’re keen to learn more about Emotional Intelligence, grab a copy of Daniel Goleman’s book Working with Emotional Intelligence.


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