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Elevate your MarTech Knowledge with These Tools!

Elevate your MarTech Knowledge with These Tools!

Marketing technology, also known as MarTech, is constantly changing and evolving. So many products are being introduced that it’s difficult for marketers to easily research, incorporate, and ramp up on new tools. But, staying on top of the latest technology and keeping employees trained are vital to the success of your marketing department. So how are you supposed to keep up? Check out our list of the most helpful MarTech training and assessment resources.

Tools to Help You Assess Your Current Needs

Before you dive into identifying future goals or implementing new tools, you should know where you currently stand, including identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few free assessments to get you started.

Digital Diagnostic. This 15-minute quiz, provided by the Digital Marketing Institute, lets you benchmark your skills against other marketers. Questions are selected based on your work function and industry, and results rank you against other roles within your industry and in other industries.

Digital Skills Benchmark. Target Internet’s 20-minute assessment, based on best practices identified by Google and the Chartered Institute of Marketing, helps identify knowledge gaps and develop a plan to address them. Some feedback is free, and more extensive paid content is also available.

Digital Marketing Assessment. General Assembly, an education provider that offers training in digital marketing, data analytics, and data science among other topics, offers a 15-minute quiz that compares your knowledge in topics including data and analytics, social and content marketing, digital advertising, and more.

Adobe’s Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment. While the other tools we’ve mentioned evaluate individual skills, this assessment assesses the strengths and weaknesses of your entire organization. The tool helps you evaluate your current MarTech capabilities and determine your organization’s future direction, answering questions about the exchange of information across departments, the effectiveness of processes, and how to identify data that is available but not being utilized.

As technology continually changes, roles and responsibilities also fluctuate. It can be hard to determine what makes a good digital marketer, what skills employees need, and how employers can develop and communicate expectations. Online assessments provide concrete data that can be used to create an actionable plan for employees' future growth and development.

Training to Help You Evolve with MarTech

In 2016, there were 3,784 marketing technology solutions as depicted in the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic. Just one year later, the number of solutions represented in the graphic jumped to 5,381, a 39 percent increase. So it goes without saying that teams must develop a mindset that involves continual growth. If each employee’s daily mission is to add learning, the department develops a culture of continuous renewal that is flexible enough to adapt to each new trend. Here are resources that can help you start down that path.

Digital Marketing Training – Effective digital skills training should cover content marketing, search engine optimization, web analytics, marketing automation, email marketing, online advertising, social media, and writing for digital channels. This should emphasize collaboration, not just focus on one channel over another.

Fathom has links to great resources in learning Google Analytics, AdWords, Hubspot Inbound Marketing, and Google Digital Marketing. The Online Marketing Institute provides digital marketing training for individuals, small teams, and large companies. Students can access classes on content and mobile marketing, digital advertising, and more. The institute offers certification programs marketers can share on professional networks. Similar programs are offered by the American Marketing Association and Coursera.

Analytics – A plethora of online resources are available for both online and in-person training. The Digital Analytics Association recommends training online with the UBC Saunder School of Business in British Columbia or obtaining a Web Intelligence Certificate from UC Irvine. Both processes are available completely online.

Teams can also access digital analytics programs through Coursera. The Google Analytics Academy focuses on using Google’s measurement tools to gather and analyze intelligent data and use it to make informed business decisions.

Technology – A wide variety of online institutions offer personalized MarTech training for a variety of business goals. Sources for online digital education include PluralSight, Simplilearn, and MarketMotive. For managers, Knowledgehut provides individual and corporate technology training.

Selecting and implementing the latest MarTech tools can be costly, and it only pays off if employees know how to use those tools to maximize marketing efforts. Online and in-person training ensures marketing departments can reach their full potential.

Are you facing challenges keeping up with the latest MarTech tools? Aquent can help. Contact us online today or call (855) 767-6333 to learn more about recruiting MarTech experts to help you stay on top of it all.


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