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Don’t Forget Your Creative Brief!

Don’t Forget Your Creative Brief! image
Don’t Forget Your Creative Brief!

It happens more often than not: You’re juggling dozens of priorities and are under the gun to get a new marketing campaign underway. Do you really have time to write a creative brief? We know you want to skip it, but you can’t. Creative briefs help keep projects running smoothly and prevent misunderstandings and delays by:

  • Connecting objectives with creative strategies
  • Building team consensus
  • Aligning expectations and defining clear, measurable goals

A creative brief is key when you hire freelance writers for your projects. Knowing the following information helps these writers deliver the specific content you need to bring your campaign to life. For on-target creative results, be sure your briefs include:

  • Background information on the company, product, or service
  • Insight into the target audience
  • Brand attributes, promise, and mission
  • Competitive landscape
  • Business objectives
  • Compelling offer
  • Call to action
  • Metrics for measuring success
  • Supporting data
  • Functional specifications (if applicable)
  • Approval process
  • Timelines
  • Budget (if needed)

One way to ensure your creative brief gets done is to write it up immediately after your kick-off meeting. Even if it’s rough and there are gaps, at least you’ll know what information you need to collect before circulating it for sign-off. Then you’ll have a clear picture of the specific freelance and in-house creatives you’ll need to make your marketing campaign irresistible to your audience.


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