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Digital Trends in Sydney

Digital Trends in Sydney

I moved from Aquent’s San Diego office to take over as the Digital Agent in Sydney this past November. I understood the Digital space and the Aquent strategies, but wondered, “Will it take me a long time to get used to saying ‘digital design’ instead of ‘web design?’ Will talent understand me when I don’t make the soft H sound whilst pronouncing HTML? And do recruiters in Australia use things like Twitter and Facebook yet?” No. Usually. And yes.

The position had been vacant for nearly 9 months, so I started by calling the talent and clients in our database to introduce myself and discuss business in Sydney. Nearly four months later, I’ve noticed three prominent trends in the Sydney Digital marketplace:

Trend #1: Clients want the two for one special – designers who can hand-code in HTML, developers with an eye for design, and Producers who can design or develop their own projects. After the GFC hit North America, clients searched for the Jacks and Janes of all trades, but they learned quickly that most often, they were getting masters of none. And when it comes to producing impressive work, specialists are the way to go.

Trend #2: The Designers and Developers in Sydney are more concerned with finding quality work than receiving high hourly rates. I never saw this trend in North America, and it has been refreshing to see talent more concerned with exciting projects than an extra $5/hr. No one would turn down extra money, but the creative community in Sydney is forward thinking and passionate about the work that gets produced.

Trend #3: The Digital community in Sydney is catching up quickly. Clients and talent have told me that they think Sydney is 18 months behind the USA in the Digital space, but I don’t believe that is true. Over the past 4 months, I’ve seen the gap close quickly. Clients are working with new technology, investing in User Experience, and most importantly, researching what businesses around the world are doing.

In an ever-increasing global market, Sydney is eager to keep up with the Digital trends. In order for me to keep up, I need to find more great talent. Aquent believes that our talent and clients have great referrals, and after a successful start in North America, we have rolled out the Aquent Rewards program in Australia! How does it work? Refer a qualified friend or business lead in the creative field to an Aquent Agent and earn points. Those points can turn into a bonus for you!


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