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Aquent bridged the internal communication gap for a global communications company by helping launch a new product while ensuring brand compliance and reducing costly errors.


A global communications company was preparing to launch a new technology product and needed a central location for advertising assets, audio files, guidelines, and guided tours.

Aquent Solution

Because Aquent had strong relationships across the client’s multiple divisions, an Aquent team member suggested that the materials be placed on an existing online brand portal that already housed a wide variety of critical brand information for the company’s major product lines. Aquent’s team developed a specific landing page for the materials and a hierarchy of branch pages that made sense logically and enabled users to find specific materials easily. The team also updated materials as soon as they were out of date so that all vendors and employees would be using brand- compliant and relevant information at all times.


Putting all materials in one location made it easy for outside agencies and internal staff to get the accurate information they needed quickly. The number of brand portal users also increased 20 percent following the landing page launch for this new product, which helped achieve greater brand awareness and compliance for internal and external customers, thus reducing the chance of costly errors from misinformation.


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