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The power of design for nonprofits

by Leslie Doyle

The power of design for nonprofits image
The power of design for nonprofits

Designers can have a profound impact on nonprofit organizations. A talented designer knows how to capture that emotion and spur us to take action in behalf of a cause. They can play an integral role in helping charities yield deep community support, greater financial stability, and more dedicated volunteers.

I’m often in awe of designers who can capture the essence of a message in a single, stunning visual. When I held a fundraiser to help an injured dog named Turtle, it was my designer friends who helped translate my vision into reality. Graphic designer Merry Perry Design donated her time to create adorable “I heart Turtle” t-shirts, and videographer Mike Lefebvre produced a compelling video sharing Turtle’s story.

Turtle_filteredTogether, they helped raise more than $6,500 for her medical care. Hundreds of people bought the t-shirts. And the video garnered more than 33,300 views, raising awareness about the perils of dog fighting and increasing support for the Animal Rescue League of Boston, who saved this wonderful dog.

That’s why I was so happy when I first heard that here at Aquent we were launching a grant program to enable designers to support their favorite charities. It gives designers a way to elevate a cause they care deeply about, in a unique and creative way.

“Design is an incredible resource,” explains graphic designer and Design for Good grant candidate Kelly Capek. “It’s not just about making something look pretty. It’s about taking information and presenting it in a way that hits the right audience at the right time and inspires them to take action. A lot of times that design resource is a luxury for nonprofits.”

But when you bring together passion for a cause with creativity, there’s nothing you can’t do! So if you have an idea how you can use your design skills to help a charity, send us a short video telling us all about it.

So far we’ve received grant submissions from designers looking to support charities such as Helping Orphans Worldwide, Project Endangered, Compassion Games International, among others.

We’re accepting submissions until January 20, 2017, so be sure to get your entry in. If your charity wins, you can put your fabulous design skills to work to further their mission!


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