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Design Trends, Tricks, and Tools: What We’re Reading

by Steve Singer

Design Trends, Tricks, and Tools: What We’re Reading image
Design Trends, Tricks, and Tools: What We’re Reading

This week, we’re reading about the convergence of marketing and design thinking, web design trends that are changing the nature of web design work, approaches to designing for bigger mobile screens, web applications where designers can test out their code, and a nifty trick for creating 3-D animated GIFs. 

What are you reading?

Five Things Marketers Can Learn From Designers

This article raises an interesting question: Do “design thinking” and an increased focus on customer experience mean that marketers, who traditionally owned the “voice of the customer,” have a lot to learn from designers? Or does it mean that designers are starting to think more like marketers?

4 Web Design Trends For 2015 That Will Change Your Job Forever

According to this post, the rise of in-house web teams, the increasing availability of software-as-a-service options in the design and development space, the emergence of more sophisticated automated coding tools, and the decline of the website mean that web designers and web developers are facing some serious disruption. “This might leave you feeling despondent about your future prospects,” writes the author, adding, “It shouldn't. As somebody who has worked in the web over 20 years, I can tell you that as long as you are able to adapt then none of this will be an issue.” So, web designers and developers, how would you rate your ability to adapt?

Designing for Large Screen Smartphones

“As smartphones continue to get larger,” author Luke Wroblewski writes, “but our hands don’t, what kinds of design solutions can ensure mobile interactions remain comfortable, quick, and easy on our thumbs?” In this post, he offers a few suggestions!

6 Coding Playgrounds For Web Developers

As we all learned in kindergarten, knowledge and skills increase when people have a sandbox to play in. In that spirit, this post offers up six web applications where developers can practice and hone coding skills in a live environment, see the effect of code changes in real time, and even share the experience with others.

GIFs: 3D Pictures Become Possible With Two Straight Lines

Fans of GIFs and other designers will put away those clunky glasses after seeing the interesting 3-D effects achievable by inserting two vertical lines into brief video clips. (Also, in honor of Halloween, make sure to check out the Freddy Krueger clip!) 

Photo Source (Creative Commons): Christopher John SSF.

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