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Aquent’s Design for Good recipients announced

Aquent’s Design for Good recipients announced image
Aquent’s Design for Good recipients announced

We’re excited to announce the five recipients of Aquent’s first ever Design for Good competition. Talented designers from all over the country submitted short videos telling us what they’d do with a $5,000 design grant to support their favorite nonprofit.

We received submissions representing nonprofits that focus on all kinds of causes, from animal adoption to sustainability, and disability advocacy to art therapy, plus many others.

Without further ado, here are the recipients!

  • Kathryn D’Introno for Give a Beat, which educates and engages youths through dance music.
  • Melissa Eggleston for the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence, which supports and provides resources for domestic violence survivors.
  • Ruchit Nagar for Khushi Baby, which has built a mobile platform for international healthcare workers that tracks vaccine administration.
  • Micah Bazant for the New American Story Project, which advocates for unaccompanied minors who have immigrated to the US.
  • Shelby Marshall for Understanding Our Differences, which is a leader in disability awareness education for schools.

Congratulations to our recipients, and thank you to our judges and everyone who took the time to enter.

To learn more about what our recipients plan to do with their grants, watch their videos.



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