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Data Analytics - Automotive Giant

Data Analytics - Automotive Giant

By assembling a customized team of 70 specialists, Aquent helped an automotive giant bring data analytics in-house, saving the company millions of dollars and increasing its control over data.


Our client had a long-standing practice of purchasing data and analysis services from external sources. Over time, however, this practice had become expensive and unwieldy. Costs were spiraling—sometimes due to similar data being purchased by multiple divisions—and projects were becoming harder to complete on time. The company sought a more cost-effective, consolidated solution for gathering and analyzing its business intelligence.

Aquent Solution

In close collaboration with the client, Aquent built an on-site team of 70 researchers, analysts, and interactive strategists within a six-month period. Many on this customized team are skilled in specialized or industry-specific analysis, with capabilities that include multicultural analysis; market dynamics analysis; data modeling; marketing effectiveness (ROI); CRM/Web analysis; and brand, consumer, and product research. Team members are Aquent salaried employees, not actual headcount—saving costs and increasing flexibility.


The results of this transformation have been dramatic. Overall cost savings are estimated to be $20 million over a five-year period, much of that from ending the reliance on external resources. Our client now owns the data it generates and can be assured that the resulting valuable insights won’t be shared with competitors. Historical data can be mined more easily, and because projects are more streamlined, time to market has been shortened. The company has also gained a deeper understanding of its customers—enabling marketing teams to more efficiently enhance brand loyalty and drive sales, even in markets that previously were overlooked.


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