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Data Analytics and Database Specialists

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Data Analytics and Database Specialists

Aquent helped one of the world’s largest banks manage the migration of several databases post acquisition by providing over 40 database and data analytics specialists.


Acquisitions often drive an increased need for database administration and analysis. A longtime Aquent banking client found a need to capitalize quickly on customers taken on during the acquisition of a major retailer’s credit card business. In order to do this, the company needed talent who could access, integrate, and clean databases from the acquired company. The integration of the acquired databases would be key to successful marketing initiatives.

Aquent Solution

Aquent identified, engaged, and placed over 40 database and data analytics professionals with SAS, SQL, and QA experience at the client site. These highly skilled specialists assessed the technical characteristics of the acquired databases, cleansed and supplemented missing or outdated records, integrated databases, and prepared complex list extracts.


As a result of quickly identifying talent to fit the client’s needs, Aquent was able to deliver the staff who could execute the data analysis initiatives. The client’s outbound product cross-sell campaigns were successfully launched ahead of schedule, resulting in an increase in business for other units. The overall acquisition was deemed a success, in large part because of the smooth integration process.


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