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Customer Retention Materials

Aquent design talent helped a leading financial services company shift gears rapidly and defend business in a down market.


To increase its revenues in a down market, a top financial services company realized it needed to shift its emphasis to retaining existing customers rather than attracting new ones. To do so required a focused effort to revamp and upgrade customer-retention materials. In order to adjust quickly and add the required talent to create impactful, high-touch print materials that would engage and retain customers, the company decided to outsource its brand management and design staffing needs.

Aquent Solution

Already having a strong relationship with the company’s marketing director, Aquent was engaged to provide the specialized marketing and design talent the firm needed. Aquent quickly identified and placed four highly skilled brand managers, each possessing more than 10 years of experience. The brand managers were responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive design strategy, managing the client’s overall customer experience, and attending focus groups. Aquent also placed three print designers, each with more than 15 years of experience, to create targeted, high-end 4-color print materials, including direct mail, collateral, welcome kits, and loyalty program pieces.


The company’s customer retention rate increased by 10 percent in the first year of the program. The marketing department was able to rapidly create necessary focus on retention while sustaining momentum in new business acquisition, without adding permanent head count. The manager sees Aquent’s talent as vital to the long-term success of the entire marketing and design group, the company’s ability to provide a high-end customer experience, and its impressive retention strategy.


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