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Blurred Lines: Marketing, Customer Experience, IT and Product Development

Blurred Lines: Marketing, Customer Experience, IT and Product Development

Jamie Moldafsky, CMO at Wells Fargo was recently featured in an AdAge article entitled, “How Wells Fargo Has Evolved Its Marketing to Fit a Larger Footprint” in the article, Moldafsky says, "we're broadening the role of marketing." This quote jumped out at us because we just dropped a mailer that showcased the wide range of jobs we place and, in the creation of said mailer, we were reminded of how digital, creative and marketing roles are part of a blurred lines (pop song pun intended) marketing phenomenon.

Additionally, her statement resonated because our own corporate Marketing department’s role is broadening. For example; lets take the launch of Aquent Gymnasium, our online learning initiative. Getting this revolutionary idea to market was a huge effort that required our marketing department to be an active participant in the creative, customer service, product, and development process. We needed to work in harmony with these departments to ensure the experience for Aquent Gymnasium participants met our brand standards—AND we also needed to get people to register!

Are you starting to see what we mean by a blurred lines marketing phenomenon? 

If not, here’s a final thought. Think for a minute about front end developers, mobile app developers and UX roles. These are roles that we regularly fill for Aquent clients. However, depending on the organizational structure, these folks can be found in a variety of departments from IT to Product Development. Sometimes (sadly), we don’t get the chance to fill these open jobs because people don’t think of us beyond the more traditional marketing and creative roles (read: graphic designers, marcom managers, copywriters and web designers).

Crossover Departments
However, as the digital, creative, and marketing landscape has changed, so have the roles we place. We started out way-back-when as a creative staffing firm, but technology has managed to blur the lines between departments, roles, and responsibilities. So we’re has your digital, creative, and marketing department evolved to fit a larger footprint?


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