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Blogging 101: It's the Links, Stupid!

Blogging 101: It's the Links, Stupid! image
Blogging 101: It's the Links, Stupid!

I interviewed Debbie Weil yesterday for a podcast on corporate blogging (which I’ll be posting tomorrow morning – watch this space!). While doing a bit of research on Debbie, I came across her compilation of the “Best Top Ten Lists” for 2007. What threw me for a time-loop was this list of “Top 10 Tips for New Bloggers” assembled by the fellow who coined the term “blog,” Jorn Barger.

Actually, it wasn’t the list that threw me so much as seeing Jorn’s robot wisdom weblog, which was the first blog I ever read (while sitting in the Aquent office in Osaka, Japan back in 2000). It reminded me once again that a weblog, now commonly called “blog,” was originally defined by Mr. Barger as a collection of links documenting someone’s travels around the web. The journal-esque form of today’s blogs suggests that the genre has drifted somewhat from his original concept, according to which, as he puts it, “… is actually better for blogging than”

In other words, blogging is about the links, not about self-important pontification, snide carping, or insipid personal reflection. (Thank the Heavens that I never indulge in such frivolities on this august and painfully earnest corporate blog!)

So, in the original spirit of bloggery, I present the following links upon which I have recently pointed and/or clicked:

How do you like them blog apples?


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