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Avoid These Resume Red Flags When Job Hunting

Avoid These Resume Red Flags When Job Hunting

With the unemployment rate holding strong at 8.3%, it can be difficult to stand out when hunting for a new job. We've put together a list of 6 important details to pay close attention to when looking for your next gig.

  1. Keep Your Email Address Professional: When applying for a job applicants need to put their best foot forward. This includes making sure your email address is professional. If you have a personal account like, you may want to create a different one for your job search that simply uses your first and last name. (Disclaimer: we are not saying we don't love your cat Fluffy too, he/she is probably awesome.) 
  2. Watch Your Spelling: Spelling and grammar errors can make a candidate come across as lazy. Ask a friend or family member to review your resume to ensure it makes sense and is free of errors. 
  3. Tailor Your Resume: Many hiring managers and recruiters are using automated tools to sort through resumes based on specific key words used in the job description. Not tailoring your resume appropriately could place your resume on the bottom of the list – even if you have the right qualifications. If you know you’ve got the right skills for the job, make sure to tailor your resume with key words from the job posting. 
  4. Don’t Sell Yourself Short: Putting an objective in your resume could pigeon hole you to a specific position or could encourage the hiring manager or recruiter to keep looking somewhere else.
  5. Be Clear and Concise: The job of the hiring manager/recruiter is to wade through the stack of resumes to find the right candidate. If your resume is cluttered, confusing, or poorly formatted, your key points may not shine through to the hiring manager. Make sure you make your points clear and concise and use bullets as much as possible.
  6. Show Off Your Work: For some jobs like marketing, creative and digital, it’s tough to prove you’ve got the chops to do the job unless of course you can show examples. Create an online portfolio to showcase your work so you can prove your experience and link to it from your resume.


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