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Assembling Your Creative Dream Team

Assembling Your Creative Dream Team image
Assembling Your Creative Dream Team

Your project has been greenlighted, and you now need a creative team to get ‘er done. Interactive and creative talent are in-demand so how are you A. Going to let them know about your project, and B. Get them on your project, fast.

It’s not as easy as you think, but we’ve got plenty of experience building creative teams comprised of the best talent in your industry. We aren’t bragging, mind you, it’s just after more than 25 years of staffing marketing and creative professionals we’ve really got a knack for creative team building.

So, let’s get started. Before you pick up the phone and call us, be sure to have the following information to ensure our sourcing success.

  • Full disclosure: Tell us all of the project deliverables expected from your creative team along with the good the bad and the ugly about the project, working conditions, or any other challenges. When selecting talent, it’s best to know both their personality and skill sets are a match for your business. We do a lot of consulting with clients and knowing the ins and outs of what you need helps us provide you who you want and need.
  • Budget: What is it? Where can you be flexible in your line items. Your Agent is your resource for finding a staffing solution that’s tailored for finding the best skill sets for the right price.
  • Stop. Drop. Choose: When your Agent sends you a profile review it quickly. Our talent are amazing at what they do and tend to have back-to-back assignments. If you act fast, chances are, you’ll get your #1 choices and build the outstanding creative team of your dreams.

Now that you’re ready, contact us. Our creatives are standing by.


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