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Aquent's Ad Campaign Goes Viral:

Aquent's Ad Campaign Goes Viral: image
Aquent's Ad Campaign Goes Viral:

Aquent has launched a new site,, a website ABOUT websites (and marketing, direct mail, graphic design, etc.). It’s been specially designed to educate, enlighten, and delight those who are looking to add to their online presence and marketing initiatives, and it shows marketers and designers the people they need to get the job done. is designed to highlight some of the disciplines in marketing and design needed to execute great online efforts and uses interactive pop-ups to let visitors discover more about these roles. There’s also a direct line to Aquent’s specialized experts that can get you started right away. also includes other helpful aspects of a successful marketing campaign, including:

  • Mobile sites
  • The ability to share functions for popular social networks
  • Flash videos
  • Direct mail items
  • Promotional T-shirts
  • The ability to send e-cards to friends

No more struggling with technical jargon. No more having to explain to your uncle what SEO or UX means. No more Internet anxiety disorder.


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