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Aquent & Vitamin T Help Girls Rock on the Web

Aquent & Vitamin T Help Girls Rock on the Web

On April 5th, the DC offices of Aquent/Vitamin T played host to a program called GROW (which stands for, "Girls Rock on the Web"). The program is an initiative of DC Web Women, a DC-based organization of which we are proud sponsors. This was the second time that a GROW event was held in the DC offices.

The GROW program is focused on introducing 9-12 year old girls to technology, specifically coding and web development. The idea is that presenting young girls with an opportunity to learn code will help spark their interest in technology and will (hopefully!) motivate them to pursue job opportunities in technology when they get older. Women are a minority in the technology field today. DC Web Women created GROW to change that!

Aquent's Courtney (Davis) Burgwyn is one of the co-directors of GROW and helped set up the program. She, Glennette Clark (also a co-director), and five volunteers had 8 girls attend the event on April 5th and learn how to code their own websites. Two of the volunteers, Emily Duff Bartel (Lead Developer at Booz Allen Hamilton) and Nat Burgwyn (Sr Developer at New Signature) taught the girls code with the aid of a basic coding curriculum provided to DC Web Women by CodeEd. Over the course of the six hour event, the girls built their websites from scratch and presented their work them to their parents at the end of the day.

All the girls walked away with a desire to continue coding and were eager to continue working on their sites at home. The event was a huge success and a great way to give back to the community!

More information on the GROW program can be found at If you would like to become a part of the organization or donate to the cause, feel free to reach out to Courtney Burgwyn in the DC office at


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