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Aquent Is a Proven Performer

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Aquent Is a Proven Performer

Today we’re proud to announce that the global contingent workforce solutions company ZeroChaos has chosen Aquent as a Proven Performer. This marks Aquent's 5th premier partnership recognition from a managed service provider (MSP) this year.

What does all that mean, exactly?

In short, we like working with MSPs, and they like working with us.

In addition to providing talent directly to companies, which we’ve done since 1986, Aquent has developed strong relationships with managed service providers (MSPs) that manage talent for their corporate clients.

We work closely with all of the leading MSPs to provide them with superior talent to power some of the world’s largest companies. We manage complexity through over 120 engagements with 26 enterprise MSPs, helping them to promote program compliance, control hidden spend, and hire more efficiently.

This kind of recognition from an MSP like ZeroChaos makes us redouble our efforts to provide even better customer service to MSPs, thus setting the pace for the rest of the professional services staffing industry.


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