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Vote for Aquent's "Make the Stage" Panel at Internet Week New York

Vote for Aquent's
Vote for Aquent's "Make the Stage" Panel at Internet Week New York

We've submitted a panel to "Make the Stage" at Internet Week New York and we need your help or, more specifically, your vote!

In case you don't know, Internet Week New York (IWNY) is "a week-long festival celebrating Internet business and culture and will attract more than 45,000 Internet professionals, working across all sectors, attending 250+ events produced by IWNY and 150+ citywide event partners." In other words, it's kind of a big deal!

This year the festival focuses on the myriad ways that technology has "disrupted and revolutionized" business. In line with that theme, we have proposed a panel which aims to explore and expound upon the way MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) are radically changing the professional development landscape by offering digital and creative professionals a unique and timely opportunity to acquire new technical skills.

If you would like to help us make the stage, you can vote for our panel here (registration is required, but only takes about 30 seconds).

If you would like to read the proposal in full before you vote, here it is:

Bridging the Skills Gap – How Designers Can Acquire Today’s In-Demand Skills to Land Tomorrow’s Jobs

What new skills are the world’s best companies looking for from digital creatives? What does it take to land a job in these organizations? Today’s creative professionals need to stay ahead of ever-evolving technology by acquiring new skills like HTML5, CSS3 and responsive web design. This panel will offer direct feedback from companies on what skills they are looking for from creatives, and offer inventive ideas for where attendees can get the training they need to advance their careers. Attendees will hear from Jim Webb, formerly the lead designer for, Alison Farmer, VP of Learning & Development at creative staffing firm Aquent, and Aquent clients who will weigh in on what in-demand skills set creatives apart.

Still interested? Well then, please, go ahead and vote!


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