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Design Salaries 2012: Holding Strong

Design Salaries 2012: Holding Strong image
Design Salaries 2012: Holding Strong

The results of the AIGA/Aquent 2012 Survey of Design Salaries was released this week and contains some not-so-surprising information, but plenty of good news on upward trends.

As with many industries and professions, design salaries have remained relatively stagnant over the past few years with little changing  in 2012. Yet even with that stagnation, the demand for designers skilled in the latest digital and mobile development technologies is aggressively on the rise. The survey reports several growth areas onboarding both temp and temp-to-perm designers, as well as an urgency for new technical skill sets.

With technology remaining mutable, designers are increasingly expected to learn and develop new digital disciplines. There’s an upsurge in interactive, mobile app, web and motion design, in addition to UX/UI design and analysis. More than 60% of those designers surveyed work in some capacity of web design.

During this time of economic spring back, many designers (25%) are working through agencies such as Aquent or its new division Vitamin T, because of the ability to get more work with an agent and the security of staffing agency benefits. This strategy better positions a designer to have first dibs as new positions open up at companies where they freelance.

From our standpoint, the survey results contain excellent news for Aquent and Vitamin T talent. Because we source in-demand marketing, creative, and digital talent with cutting-edge skills from today’s job market, and have a client base ranging from Fortune 1000 to mid-sized companies and ad agencies, we find and fill jobs precisely and quickly.

Aquent and Vitamin T are also committed to enhancing our talents’ skills through educational and resource partnerships focused on emergent technologies. In July, 2012, we launched the Summer of Learning — a free HTML5 training program designed to enhance the skill sets of our design talent. This program received more than 10,000 registrants and is now the benchmark for more of these programs moving forward.

In the end, our takeaway from the survey results is: Don’t lose heart! Though design salaries may be creeping up slowly, there are jobs to be had and skills to be learned. This is something positive everyone can agree on 100%.

For more in-depth information, here’s where you can find the complete survey results.


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