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A Tweet in Time Can Avert PR Mess

A Tweet in Time Can Avert PR Mess

Yesterday, the WSJ published and article “For Companies, A Tweet in Time Can Avert PR Mess” . It addresses social media and the relationship that is created between companies and their consumers.

Many of our talent work with companies to manage their online reputation by both monitoring social networking communication as well as leading the conversations on blogs and social networking sites. These talent generally work only a few days a week and work on the creation of content and evangelizing brands.

Consumers have increasingly adopted their use of social media to discuss experience they have with a brand or product. As this trend continues, companies must ensure that the content on the Web reflects the messaging and experience that is consistent with their core marketing and branding strategy. This strategy should address specific questions on products and make sure that the right messaging is going out online.

Online reputation management is a developing field that encompasses Social Media, public relations and search engine optimization. We have seen an influx of companies looking to add skilled online PR specialists without adding full-time staff to do it.

“Consumers go online to make buying decisions. When they research brands using search engines, the results that they observe often influence how they behave. Consumer generated media sites offer the general public the opportunity to express their views of brands. This information can be found in search engine results. Members of the public such as competitors, and ex-employees can take part in the online conversation, which can adversely affect the brand reputation.” *Workz blog by SEOJoe the President & Founder of SEOJoe, Inc.

Online reputation management is a field that involves the monitoring of online conversation, and the action undertaken, to improved brand reputation within search engine results.

The core activities for a person focusing on social media and relationship management consists of writing, managing, editing, and sourcing website content. They will utilize tools to monitor and engage with social networking sites. They will also partner with subject matter experts inside and outside the organization.

With the proper strategy and monitoring in place any organization can quickly and easily implement a basic social media and relationship strategy. There are tools and processes that our talent are currently utilizing that will allow you instant success in the space.

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Online Marketing Practice Leader


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