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A Posse of Wordsmiths

A Posse of Wordsmiths

From the days of Madison Avenue to the not-so-distant past, there used to be this chasm of process separating writers from project designers, marketers, and stakeholders. Contract Writers would report to their latest assignment and be met with a headline or some writing samples showing brand voice and a set of loose directions. No collaboration with designers, just a directive and desk. As pointed out in this Vitamin T post, that mindset “... often led to miscommunication and a lot of revisions.”

Today, companies increasingly build freelance creative teams of both writing and design talent for the purpose of creating high-quality, relevant content needed to strengthen their online presence. Instead of a creative assembly line, writers and designers (sometimes with a developer and UI/UX pro joining in) collaborate to put a brand’s best print or digital foot forward.

Ideally, the writing portion of your creative team consists of a copy editor, senior copywriter, and proofreader. If your budget requires a more financially feasible option a seasoned senior copywriter can handle the job really well, but you’ll still want to enlist the help of a proofreader as a second set of eyes.

Now before you dive into the writing talent pool, do you know what type of writer(s) you need? Just as designers and developers have different skills sets, writers do too. While most seasoned freelance writers have a variety of writing capabilities, there are those who also specialize in specific markets and industries. Let’s also not forget integrity. You want to make sure the writer(s) you hire don’t think plagiarism or recycling content are best practices (see this New York Magazine post).

Our best advice is to not waste time trying to source the best writers on your own. Partnering with a placement agency that has a comprehensive network of excellent writers for hire (Aquent) will save you time and money, and energize your brand. You know who to call (Aquent) for freelance writing, creative, and digital talent who are always ready to roll.


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