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9 Useful jQuery Resources

by Matthew T. Grant

9 Useful jQuery Resources image
9 Useful jQuery Resources

One of the things that Dave Porter teaches students in our free, online jQuery course is how to take advantage of jQuery's vast plugin ecosystem.

If you are curious to see what this ecosystem has to offer, check out these resources:


Calling itself a "tidy repository of jQuery plugins," Unheap currently features 995 that you can demo and download.

jQuery Finger

This plugin helps you develop for devices with touchscreens by "unifying click and touch events."

Adaptive Backgrounds

This clever plugin extracts dominant colors from an image and applies it as a background. 


This plugin allows you to crossfade images as you scroll down the page. It's a neat effect!

Molten Leading

Struggling with the manual adjustment of line heights in you responsive design? This plugin lets you automate the process.

Image Gallery/Slider Plugins

Love them or hate them, image sliders are a fixture of the online landscape. This collection features, by the author's definition, a broad selection of "brilliant" slider plugins.

WordPress Plugins

This author has assembled a list of 10 "fresh" jQuery plugins for WordPress covering everything from UI widgets to selectively showing comment responses. 

Plugins for Better Typography

These plugins will help you with "fluid text, responsive headlines, cool text animations, and a lot more."

jQuery Pagination Plugins

These plugins, assembled by SmashingApps, give developers a number of options for creating themed buttons for multiple pages of content.

Which jQuery plugins or other resources have you found most useful? Let us know in the comments!


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