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As a global work solutions company, we help guide businesses toward the talent, technology, and services they need to create a better future of work.

Client Successes

To the stars with NASA at warp creative speed.

Client Success

Creating immersive digital experiences and award-winning visual presentations, our team of Illustrators, Animators, 3D Modelers, Art Directors, and Full-Stack Developers help rocket NASA's innovative research into the future.

Aquent Talent

‘RoboHead' sounds like an action hero, and for Amazon Studios, it is.

Client Success

With plans to release as many as 30 films a year worldwide, Amazon Studios' Global Marketing Team has its work cut out for it. They use Aquent RoboHead project management software to help create promotional materials for all that great entertainment.

Aquent RoboHead
Amazon Studios

Aquent Employer of Record is a #1 hit at Beats by Dre.

Client Success

Beats by Dre is driven by new product launches. As their employer of record, our talent power those launches by creating dynamic marketing (advertising, social, video, motion graphics) and by designing packaging for new Beats by Dre products.

Aquent Employer of Record
Beats by Dre

COVID-19 called for dramatic action. CVS called on Aquent Plus for immediate help.

Client Success

With no time to waste, CVS needed Nurses and Pharmacists to administer the COVID-19 vaccine in communities nationwide. In just eight weeks, over 250 placements were made through Aquent Plus, supporting the vaccination rollout at a critical time.

Aquent Plus
CVS – Aquent Plus