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Aquent Staffing

Evolving technical platforms and emerging channels have stretched marketing and creative teams to the limit. Aquent’s contract and contract-to-hire staffing services allow companies to add technical expertise to their marketing and creative departments, increase the bandwidth of their in-house teams, and more.


Aquent delivers companies the expert temporary digital, marketing and creative talent they need to thrive.


Aquent helps companies avoid the cost of a bad hire by allowing them to test drive talent with a 3-month trial before hiring them full time.

Employer of Record

Aquent serves as the employer of record for individuals that you want to add to your team but can’t employ directly.

Aquent Studios

Aquent Studios allows companies to maximize their spend by decoupling the strategic from the tactical, improve how they track and evaluate critical data, and more.


Aquent Studios is the go-to partner for the execution of tactical marketing deliverables, leaving the strategic work to your agency of record.

Technology Solutions

Aquent Studios provides custom technology solutions that integrate marketing, sales, procurement, HR and financial systems.

Aquent Federal Services

Aquent brings agencies and government contractors the expert contract and contract-to-hire talent they need to achieve their quality, cost, and performance requirements.

Get to know Aquent’s government and contractor staffing services and solutions, our team, past performances, GSA schedules and more at the Aquent Federal website.

Aquent Learning

Aquent regularly offers free online courses taught by industry professionals and focused on in-demand skills for digital designers and developers.

Learn more about free classes at Aquent Gymnasium.

Aquent Cloud-Based Solutions

Aquent’s cloud-based solutions allow companies to more effectively manage people, dates, and deadlines, share assets and more.

Read more about Aquent’s project management and digital asset management tools at Aquent On Demand.

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