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Blythe Churchill-Joell


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Phone 203 614 0011
Aquent Rewards
Marketing Coordinator Philadelphia, PA - ok with some off-site work
Brand Project Manager Hartford County, CT
Agency Account Coordinator Hartford County, CT
Segment Marketing Analyst FL, NYC, Denver or Hartford, CT
UX Designer Hartford County, CT - flexible for on-site/off-site

I like asking questions, always have. At Aquent, I make it a point to ask my talent and clients what really matters to them. It’s always interesting to me to uncover and understand their motivations and aspirations, challenges and frustrations. I love how the right question often leads people to answers and discoveries they didn’t even know were there. A Fortune 500 client had a mid-level opening, but he needed only basic skills and a great personality. I rewrote the description and matched a recent grad to the position. Since then, we’ve used this model to hire his entire team.

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