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Are You Prepared to Provide Examples of Your Project Management Skills?

  • February 12, 2013

Recently, we surveyed web and technical directors at client companies on what valuable skills we could teach our talent. More than once, we heard things like this this:

“Skills are one thing, but what’s really great is someone who has good organizational, project management, and communication skills... If I could send everyone to class, I would send them to that, for sure.”

So next time you’re updating your portfolio, writing a cover letter, or heading out to an interview, make sure you have a few solid examples of how you’ve taken the reigns and successfully managed a project from concept to completion.

Some thoughts on ways to do this include showing how you’ve:

  • Defined or (helped to define) a project by writing a Creative or Marketing Project Brief
  • Outlined a schedule of deliverables and then effectively managed a project to that schedule
  • Identified when a project has gone off the rails and offered solutions to get it back on track
  • Communicated with multiple stakeholders to kept them up-to-date on project status changes

Bottom line: You might have incredible digital, creative, or marketing skills, but if you can’t speak to potential employers on how you’ve got the project management skills to match - they may pass you by.

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